Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Overused Words in Business Names

Great minds think alike, as the saying goes. However, choosing a business name, you need to think differently from everyone else, so you stand out from the crowd. All words make us think about certain feelings or things, and that word associations can be positive or negative. Obviously, everyone wants a positive business name, but you can not have too many good thing. When the same word that appears in the company name, words become devalued and it seems bland and trite. These qualities, then rub off the job.

quality and professional two overused words in business names. If you call your design quality of the business or professional business services, you are throwing away the opportunity to make your name to tell potential customers what you stand for and distinguish you from your competition. Customers expect quality and professional service from the enterprise;? Why do state clearly

We all want to say our target audience that we are great experts at what we do, so we see the synonyms of 'excellent' in the thesaurus. We wish to emphasize our creativity and flair for thinking up new ideas, so we see synonyms "new". As a result, so many companies end up with very similar names. Here are words that should be avoided: Ace, Acme, Apex, Choice, Diamond, Dynamic, Elite, First Class, Focus, Innovation, Insight, Pinnacle, precision, Premier, solutions, Synergy. Use of the word communication, creative and innovative in its name tells people nothing, except that you are not creative enough to be original, meaningful name.

There might be some advantages for companies whose customers come to them through the Yellow Pages or other directories to get close to the beginning of the bit - except that everyone thinks, so the company called AA, A1, Abacus, absolute Alpha and can often drown out the crowd like a company name. It's not just letters of the alphabet that are popular, there are thousands of companies that call themselves 24 / 7 or 24 hours or something else. These names tell customers that they can call any time, which is a good thing, but beware -. It will be hard to stand out from many other companies with almost identical names

may be a small business, but you probably do not want your name to let people know that. That is why so many companies such as Global, or Universal United on their behalf. But therein lies the problem - familiarity, not to mention the omnipresence breeds contempt


If you are just starting a business, researching the names of companies in your area. Depending on the terrain, you'll find the same words cropping up again and iznova.Novi job with a name similar to existing companies may find it difficult to see and hear. Overused words for computer and web-related companies including data, design, Digital Media, online and systems. In health and nutrition industry word Active, fresh, natural and nature has lost the influence they once had. Prefix can be overused too;. Notice how many company names are Eco, Europe, Intel, Inter and Ultra

It is harder to find good, original name of the company that makes the impact. Choose the brains of your friends, family and employees; search dictionaries, thesauri and books of idioms, write down the words you like - hundreds of them, and then gradually reduce the list until you are left with a winning company name that tells potential customers who you are and what makes you different from each other.

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